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Are you a complete beginner or have limited experience? It's no matter, you're at the right place. Whether you want to just commute to work on a 125cc, or want a full licence for that Route 66 US tour, we've got you covered, with CBT - Compulsory Basic Training, or DAS - Direct Access courses.

We are based in the gorgeous Vale of Glamorgan countryside and have 72,000 sq ft of tarmac for you to use.

Space like that can make a huge difference to a rider’s confidence and we often get customers coming from across South Wales and even England, because of our facilities.

We are a Honda Approved Training School, with new, clean Hondas for you to ride. Throw into the mix, seven Police Advanced Bikers as trainers and you’ll understand that we’ve gone all out for you to have the best experience and training available!

We are "can do" people and DON’T shout at our customers.


We’ve kept the course list simple as sometimes, it can get confusing. If you don’t see what you’re after, let’s chat it over and tailor something individual for you. Call Jo on 01446 311533

Getting Started

CBT and more

  • 125cc Cources
  • A selection of courses for riding 125cc motorbikes. Everything from absolute to beginner, to CBT and beyond.


Ready to step it up?

  • Upgrade to a Licence
  • If you're looking to raise the limit on what and where you ride, you'll need a FULL motorcycle licence.


Sharpen those riding skills?

  • Advanced Training
  • Take Enhanced Rider Training or RoSPA courses, we’re the ones who train the Police!


We have chosen our fleet carefully, for quality design, reliability and most importantly, ease of use for our students. No corners have been cut with cheap options, so you’ll arrive to find new Honda’s, Suzuki’s and Yamaha’s that are well maintained. We also have low seat height 125s and 650s.
Honda CB650R

Honda CB650R

Full licence

A brand-new model in the Honda range. The important information for new riders is that it is a bike that is very easy to use. The clutch is gradual and predictable and it has a smooth, four cylinder engine. The dash has a large, rich, LCD display and even an upshift indicator, let you know when to change gears. The tapered handlebars offer easy leverage for fast steering reaction. Other features for those in the know include, LCD lighting so that you’re easily seen, upside down front forks (very cool), a slipper clutch, radial brakes and ABS for great stopping power and 94bhp!
Suzuki SFV650

Suzuki SFV650

Full licence & A2

The students favourite! SFV650 ABS is a perfectly balanced, rider friendly middleweight V- twin that appeals to a huge audience of novice and experienced riders of all ages. It’s easy to ride, while also being fun and importantly, it has a low seat height and low centre of gravity making it great for all riders.

Honda CB125F

Honda CB125F

The perfect beginners bike. It’s very forgiving, even in the most clumsy of hands, it has a lower seat height and is physically smaller than the Honda it replaced. The perfect bike for CBT’s, it even has a gear indicator to remind you what gear you’re in!

Honda MSX125

Honda MSX125


We’re really excited to include this bike in our line-up. The MSX125 Is part mini-bike, part motorcycle with great performance matched to confident handling. It’s a funky little bike that is going to be super friendly to shorter riders. The coolest bike in our fleet ...take it from us, you’ll love training on this!

Honda Vision

Honda Vision

In both 110cc and 50cc versions. This scooter has proved itself to be a perfect learners twist and go. It has a reliable and efficient fuel-injected engine and a stable and easy to ride chassis. It even boasts advanced safety features such as Honda’s Combined Braking System (CBS).

Yamaha Neos 50

Yamaha Neos 50

A 2 stroke and a favourite with the youngsters. It looks and feels just like a scooter should!


We've gathered together an amazing group of instructors that have been handpicked. Not only have they got vast and varied experience, but they also have fantastic personalities. Having trainers that can keep lessons fun, whilst packing in the riding advice makes for an unforgettable experience. We do not shout at our students!

Steve Davey - Owner & Instructor

Steve is a motorcycle enthusiast to his core, there’s not much he hasn’t done on 2 wheels. He’s been a Police advanced biker for 17 years and also a Police Advanced Motorcycle Instructor for both on and off road. He likes to throw in the odd bike trick or two. An extremely friendly chap, he’ll share his biking knowledge all day long.

  • Background: Police Advanced Bike Instructor, Grade 1 Police Rider & Driver, Police VIP Escort Team Rider, Bikesafe Assessor
  • Quals: DSA Approved CBT/DAS Instructor, ACU level Enduro Instructor, RoSPA Examiner, IAM Rider, ERS Trainer
  • Passion: All forms of bike racing, Golf, Cycling, Swansea City FC

Jo Davey - Owner & Office Manager

Jo is the brains of the outfit. She runs the office, handles all inquiries and controls the work allocation. Hugely more organised than any man, it’s fair to say, she does the work of 3 people. Be ready for some sharp tongued banter, she gives as good as she gets. She can ride a bike…..but doesn’t!

  • Background: Managed her own business for over a decade. Family member of the Wick Van Dynasty. Can reverse any vehicle properly
  • Quals: The universal street degree
  • Passion: SLKs, Handbags, Thai food, her daughter.

Simon Smith - Instructor

Simon has been riding bikes since he was a nipper, field bikes to start with, before getting his full licence in the 90’s. As is the case with a lot of the VMT team, he’s been lucky to get professionally trained as an advanced Police biker whilst at work, with the Met. Being a fully fledged member of the ‘Black Rats’, we snapped up his skills when he moved back home to Wales. Simon has a lovely manner but don’t let that plumb accent fool you, he’s an earthy Welshman at heart. Must be cool, as he’s ridden a bike around the Nurburgring. Rumour has it, that he was once a hairdresser!

  • Background: Police Advanced Biker / Driver Bikesafe Assessor
  • Quals:DSA Approved CBT / DAS Instructor since 2011, Grade 1 Police Rider & Driver, RoSPA Gold Rider, Rugby Referee
  • Passion: Rugby, European Bike Touring, Mazda MX5s… (Told you!)

Darryl Hanks - Instructor & Police Patrol Rider

Darryl could be classed as a bike trader, he’s bought and sold so many! He’s a guy who has quickly developed into a very accomplished rider. In 3 short years, he went from complete novice to Advanced Police rider which is no mean feat. It’s safe to say that he has a natural talent for riding which is invaluable when it comes to passing knowledge onto others. Please don’t bring up his fame of Silver Screen, or he’ll be offering his autograph!

  • Background: Police Advanced Biker Bikesafe Assessor Police VIP Escort Team Rider & Driver
  • Quals: DSA Approved CBT/DAS Instructor / Grade 1 Police Rider & Driver
  • Passion: Cars, Cars, Bikes, Cars & Bikes…..and tea….and biscuits! Complete petrol head!



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