Compulsory Basic Training
CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training. It’s a basic training course that lasts for most of the day and is a ‘must do’ if you want to ride a scooter or motorcycle on the road.

If you want more information about a CBT, please read more here.


  • CBT with no bike hire
  • CBT renewals only


  • CBT with bike hire


  • CBT with bike hire


  • CBT with bike hire
  • Includes purchase of helmet, jacket and gloves - read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Courses start at the VMT Training Area in Llandow. Please refer to our find us page for maps and directions, or just go to Google Maps and there is a drop pin at our site - search for Vale Moto Training
CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training and is designed to get you riding safely and confidently by the end of your course. There is no test, but you do need to reach a required standard. Training is available on either a moped, scooter or motorcycle.

We expect you to have a good working knowledge of the Highway Code. Please visit The Highway Code Rules or Download the DVSA Theory Test App to your smart phone.
  • UK provisional/full driving licence*
  • Tea, coffee and usually biscuits are on us. There is a café across the road, but a packed lunch is advisable (and a drink in hot weather)

* Old style paper driving licence holders must bring an additional form of photographic ID, ideally a valid passport. International licences are not accepted.
You will learn about safety equipment and clothing during your CBT.  At Vale Moto, we provide the following motorcycle gear that you can wear on the day of your CBT… motorcycle jackets and waterproofs. Please note that helmets and gloves aren't supplied, to reduce the spread of infection. When choosing your own clothing to wear, observe the following rules:-

Footwear Wear a sturdy pair of boots, they don’t have to be motorcycle boots but should give you ankle support. Heavy steel toe caps, trainers or shoes are not suitable to train in. (Timberland, Caterpillar & Dr Martens are examples of suitable boots)

Clothing A pair of thick denim jeans should be worn as a substitute for leathers or textile trousers. (Do not arrive in track bottoms or sportswear, you won’t be permitted to train)

Gloves Leather gloves are ideal. Cotton and ski clothes are not suitable.

Headphones D-ring earpieces are used however some students may find them uncomfortable. You can bring your personal headphones as long as they are in-ear bud style, with a 3.5mm jack.
A CBT certificate allowing you to ride up to 125cc or up to 50cc if you are 16 years old.

​It is not legal for you to ride on motorways or carry passengers (pillions). L plates must be displayed on both the front and rear of your bike at all times.
If you have not passed the tests for a full motorcycle licence and want to continue riding a small bike, you must re-new your CBT certificate by completing the course again.

However, if you want to progress onto a larger motorcycle, you should plan to pass your A1, A2 or full A motorcycle licence within the 2 year expiry date of the CBT certificate. It’s not useful to call us 2 weeks before it expires and try to pass a full test in that time. PLAN AHEAD!
No, a theory test is not compulsory to complete a CBT but we do advise refreshing your knowledge of the Highway Code. The Highway Code Rules

We work hard to schedule your training sessions, so casual alterations can cause us a lot of extra work. We must have at least 4 clear days’ notice, if you want to change training dates (i.e. for a CBT on a Saturday, you would have to cancel or amend it by 4pm the Monday before). Any alterations within this time will cause the loss of your deposit or if within 24 hours of your training session, the full cost will be applied.

Our courses run rain or shine and will only be cancelled by us in dangerous weather conditions, such as snow, ice, thick fog, or very high winds. In such an instance, we will re-schedule your training on another date convenient to you and of course, there will be no extra cost.

The CBT course runs from 8.30am - 5pm* It will depend on the speed at which all students progress through the day, some days are completed more quickly than others.

*Please be aware, it is a common myth that the CBT is a one-day course. Some students may be required to return for a second day in order to complete the syllabus and be safe on the road – you won’t be charged for another full CBT but charges will apply depending on how much of the day needs re-visiting.