Motorcycle kit

All of our safety kit is new and regularly updated or replaced. We have helmet sizes from XXS to XXXL and both male and female jackets. The jacket sizes go from XS to 7XL, so there should be something for everyone. If you have any particular needs or concerns, give us a ring to discuss it before your before your course starts and we’ll sort it out for you.

Motorcycle jackets and waterproofs are supplied free of charge for every course. Please note that helmets and gloves aren't supplied, to help reduce the spread of infection.

We ask that if you don’t have motorcycle trousers or boots, to wear sturdy replacements.

Boots that cover your ankle as a minimum is a must! Be mindful that you need to change gear and brake with your feet, so huge boots will hinder that.

As for trousers, thick denim jeans will suffice, so don’t arrive for training in sports wear such a track bottoms. You will not be allowed to train!