Rusty Rider

Had a break and want to get your 'eye back in'?

This course is all about you! Whatever you want to improve or concentrate the session on, that’s what we’ll do. If you’re not sure what needs looking at, leave things to us and we’ll take a general look at your riding and work on whatever we find.

These courses are ideal for those who haven’t ridden for some time and may have lost confidence. Have no fear, we’ll have you back on two wheels and enjoying your riding again, in no time.

Four hours in duration, the session begins with an appraisal of your existing experience and a short spell on our 72,000 sq ft yard, so that you can get used to the bike. When you’re feeling confident, it’s out onto the road.

... Or maybe you have recently passed your test and would like someone to be there for your first ride on your new bike? Some motorway, group riding or pillion training? Then this short course is perfect for you. We’ll ride with you on your 1 st journey, assess what you’re doing well, look at areas where you can improve and suggest what you need to do to improve them.

You can attend the Rusty Rider course on your own motorcycle or you can hire one of our new 650s.

Rusty Rider (All prices are inclusive of VAT) (1 to 1 instruction)
Price per course (4 hours) £120
Bring a friend (same day, same course) £90 each
Usually taken on your own bike or you can hire one of our new 650cc machines for £40